The Body

I’m the exotic package from the Islands you’ve been waiting for. I am a sweet little treat that stands 5’1, with natural tones and curves that you will indulge yourself in.
I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and maintain my body with balancing out eating well and exercising. My approach to fashion is varied. Classy to sophisticated, down to earth to comfortable, elegant to alluring, form fitted sexy dresses to whispy bohemian skirts…A night on the town, a weekend at the beach, an intimate evening in by the fire.
I am very athletic and fit, a thoroughbred you’re going to love having next to you with the type of stamina and pedigree to be able to fit in with you in any type of situation. From the boardroom to the beach I promise to make sure you shine in every way. I love red wine, Italian, and luxury fine dining if you want to wine and dine me. Like every woman, I do love designer gifts, but they are never expected always appreciated. Whatever the occasion calls for, I have the perfect attire appropriate for any adventure you have in mind for us.

The Mind

There is more to me than what is just seen on the surface. I am well educated with a passion for fashion and the arts. I cherish the time I have spent on sets under pressure with tight deadlines. It has given me the advantage of tweaking my skills. Not your average woman, far from your average courtesan. My name is Naomi Kane and I’m more than what you need yet everything you’re looking for. A cerebral feast that will captivate your attention and inspire you in so many ways both physical and mental. I guarantee an experience that is both mentally intoxicating and physically stimulating in the most electrifying of ways.
You will find me articulate and a charming conversationalist. I enjoy mixing light humor into what I have to say as laughter is the best medicine and the best ice breaker.
My experience has allowed me to travel all over. It has allowed me to be well versed with the world and I love keeping up with current events. On the flip side, I am also very civic minded and believe in giving back to the community by volunteering my time and resources to local animal shelters.
It is my hope that you will find me the perfect mixture of an intelligent and worldly young woman who is unpretentious, carefree and genuine.

The Soul

I am deeply spiritual and passionate, and it will be my pleasure to share that with you. I am truly open with who I am. You will find my zest for life and vivacious nature contagious. I’m discerning about who I meet because I love to connect with people who I can have a fulfilling experience with.
You’ll find me sweet, caring, and inquisitive. I adore those who appreciate my authenticity. I believe in deep intimate connections, as it allows for a more profound intimate experience. I am passionate about exchanging thoughts and ideas, as well as exploring pleasures and acting out fantasies …
I enjoy the thrill that comes along with finding new connections, meeting new lovers, and pursuing the opportunity to discover each other.

You might find yourself intoxicated by me …
You might find yourself drawn to my feminine curves…
You might find yourself staring longingly into my eyes …

What is your desire?

Until we meet,

Naomi Kane xoxo